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Welcome to The Mother Garbh Sanskar Academy, where we offer a range of classes designed to enhance the journey of pregnancy and parenting. Our classes and rituals are rooted in the ancient wisdom of Garbh Sanskar, fostering a positive and nurturing environment for both mother and child.

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Understanding Garbh Sanskar
We will gain insights into the various aspects of Garbh Sanskar and its potential benefits for both mother and child.
Understanding Garbh Sanskar
This introductory class will explore the ancient Indian tradition of Garbh Sanskar and its significance in nurturing a healthy and well-developed baby.

Nutrition and Diet

We will learn about essential food groups, dietary adjustments for specific needs, and healthy eating habits to support the optimal growth and development of the fetus.

Nutrition and Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy

This class will delve into the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy.
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Yoga and Meditation

We will learn how these practices can promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve flexibility and circulation, and enhance overall well-being during pregnancy.

Yoga and Meditation for Expectant Mothers

This class will introduce gentle yoga postures and meditation techniques specifically adapted for pregnant women.

Vedic Activities

We will learn about the significance of these practices in fostering emotional well-being and spiritual connection during pregnancy.

Vedic Activities for a Nurturing Pregnancy

This class will explore the role of Vedic chanting, mantras, and prayers in creating a positive and spiritual environment for the fetus.

Positive Thinking and Emotions

We will learn techniques for managing stress and negativity, developing gratitude, and practicing mindfulness to create a nurturing and supportive environment for themselves and their babies.

Positive Thinking and Cultivating Positive Emotions

This class will focus on the power of positive thinking and cultivating positive emotions during pregnancy.

Prenatal Care and Medical Support

We will learn about recommended prenatal appointments, tests, and procedures, as well as the value of clear communication with healthcare providers.

Prenatal Care and Medical Support

This class will emphasize the importance of regular prenatal check-ups and access to quality medical care throughout pregnancy.
Sacred Rituals for a Blissful Journey

Garbhsanskar Vidhi

We perform rituals, from Garbhadhan Sanskar to Karnabhedan Sanskar, we ensure trusted gurujis, favorable muhurts, and a simplified process for every stage – pregnant, pre-planning, or post-baby. Planning your Garbhsanskar Pooja for the well-being of both mother and childmade easy.


Agnihotra Yagna - Blessings for Pregnancy Planning Couples

Agnihotra Yagna, for the pregnancy planning, involves a Vedic fire ritual where specific offerings are made into a sacred fire.

The ritual is often performed during specific auspicious times as per Hindu astrology and lunar calendars, taking into consideration factors such as the woman’s menstrual cycle and favorable planetary positions. The couple recite specific mantras (sacred chants) and prayers seeking blessings for a healthy and virtuous child.

Punsavan Sanskar - Blessings for 2nd and 3rd Month

Punsavan Sanskar is a significant ceremony performed during the 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy in Hindu tradition. The term “Punsavan” is derived from Sanskrit, where “Pun” means purifying and “Savan” means ritual involving a sacrifice or prayer.

During Punsavan Sanskar, various rituals and prayers are conducted to invoke blessings for the pregnant mother and the developing fetus. The ceremony is designed to purify the environment, protect the mother and child from negative influences, and promote the physical and spiritual well-being of both.

Simantonnayan Sanskar - Sacred Baby Shower 7th month

Simantonnayan Sanskar is a traditional Hindu ceremony performed during the seventh month of pregnancys essentially a baby shower, celebrating the approaching arrival of the newborn. “Simantonnayan” is a Sanskrit term where “Simanta” refers to the parting of the hair on the head, symbolizing the end of the initial phase of pregnancy.

The mother is often showered with gifts, and symbolic offerings may be made to invoke prosperity and good fortune for the baby.

Namkaran sanskar - Naming Ceremony ( 10 day of baby or 101 day)

Namkaran Sanskar, also known as the naming ceremony, is a significant Hindu tradition performed a few days after a child’s birth

Choosing a Name: The parents, often in consultation with elders or family members, choose a meaningful and auspicious name for the baby. The chosen name is formally announced to the family and community, marking the official naming of the child. 

Nishkraman sanskar - Baby's First Outing (3 month of baby)

Nishkraman Sanskar is a Hindu ritual that celebrates a baby’s first outing. “Nishkraman” is a Sanskrit term where “Nish” means out, and “Kraman” means to move or venture out. This ceremony marks the symbolic introduction of the newborn to the external world.

Protection Rituals: To safeguard the baby from negative influences, protective rituals may be performed, such as applying kohl (black eyeliner) or using a small black mark on the baby’s body.

Annaprashan sanskar - Culinary Introduction (6-7month of baby)

Annaprashan Sanskar is a Hindu ceremony that marks a child’s first intake of solid food. This ritual is typically performed when the baby is around six months old, signifying the transition from exclusive breastfeeding or formula feeding to the introduction of solid food.

The first solid food, known as “anna” (cooked rice), is chosen for the baby. This marks the beginning of the child’s culinary journey. The baby is fed the first spoonful of solid food by a family member, often the father or a respected elder.

Karnabhedan Sanskar - Ear Piercing Ceremony

Karnabhedan Sanskar is a Hindu ceremony that involves the ear-piercing of a child, typically performed during the seventh or eighth month after birth. “Karnabhedan” is a Sanskrit term where “Karna” means ear, and “Bhedan” means to pierce or perforate.Gold or silver earrings are commonly used.

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